Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's true women in Paris have great legs

We are back after our 15 day long amazing trip to London, York, Alnwick, Edinburgh, Bath, Stonehenge, and Paris. I will post pictures at a later time. A couple of things came to mind during our trip: first people really do dress nicer, more put together and with a strong sense of personal style most noticeably in London and Paris, and Parisian women have great legs and great bangs-basically all of them. I hope that if ever managed to move to Paris for a year that maybe just maybe I will attain the miraculous french legs that I saw while abroad. I guess that walking everywhere will do that. Since being home I have undertaken a near boycott of my car, it now feels silly to drive to get coffee when I can enjoy a nice 10 minute walk to get there, or a 15-20 minute stroll to a  restaurant and then be able to walk off the meal on the way home. Penny, our dog is greatly enjoying our walking renaissance as am I.

Au Revoir

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