Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Killing Moon

On both Saturday and Sunday M, and I went out for Chinese food, very strange as it is not something we usually do. Anyway I woud up with a plethora of fortune cookies that provided some entertainment this week at work. Yesterday my fortune read, "Killing time murders opportunities." which I thought would be a great motivational visual cue to tape to my monitor along with all the stickers that I peel off of my daily apple, my bird paper chain and the CMYK chart for work that I completely had blocked out of my mind until just now. Well getting back to the title of this post. My fortune did not have the desired effect of motivating me to work, rather I found myself with the lines, of an Echo and the Bunnymen song stuck in my head, and then realized that what was really going through my head was actually the Pavement cover of the song, sometimes I seriously question the things that I can remember considering there is so much that I can not remember. So here is a little bit of what I was listening to yesterday.

...and now for the pavement version

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