Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bicycle Baskets

Ohh la la, one of my favorite topics (in the world) bicycles. I know that bike aficionados really run the gambit of what they are in to and at the moment I am thinking about bike baskets, I have one that works really well for me, and I purchased the cargo net from Public Bikes which is so immensely helpful. On my bike I have a front basket and a rear rack that I can attache panniers, a box, or a basket onto. Originally I bought a collapsable plastic box to use on the rear rack but I found it so useful, while not on my bike that I never installed it. Anyway what got me really excited this morning was seeing posted online the Bent Basket which is currently in production and not yet in stores-from what I could tell-too bad I really want to get one for M.'s bike. The Bent Basket is sleek, utilitarian and not too feminine for dude's commuter bike.

Here are some other bike baskets/accessories, feel free to check out my Bicycletopia Pinterest page.

My Wald bike basket, this photo is not of my bike, but pretty close...

...and my cargo net, which is a real fancy series of bungees.

Now for some other bike goodness.
Here is a girls best friend, the handbag hugger.

I love this, the Linus Sac pannier

Of course, for those traditionalists there is always the wicker basket-which might I add so fall apart after a few seasons of heavy use and do not rain very much, but to each, his own. I do like the selection from the Nantucket Bike Basket Company.

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