Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

Santa Cruz is beautiful,  but I realized this weekend that the Santa Cruz I know is pretty different from what a tourist would likely experience. So this weekend I had what I think of as a more tourist in my own town experience and it was fun.

Public C7
Saturday I rode along the San Lorenzo River to the Boardwalk and then up to the lookout bench above Seabright beach - definitely not my usual ride, but one that was absolutely worth it for the view. I packed a hot cup of tea and set off. One thing that is very different from my experiences riding my old Bianch road bike is that people either must love my bike or get very happy seeing it because I had strangers wave at me, multiple strangers and one group of college students who asked if I would carry their twelve pack in my bike basket - I rang my bell at them. It is a very different experience going from an aggressive road bike to a dutch style, upright bike, complete with rear rack and a front basket. I love both bikes but could no longer ride the Bianchi anymore and sold it to a wonderful new home. It was a big stretch going from that to a heavier, town bike and I have to admit I felt a little silly the first time I took it out but I have completely embraced how easy it is to ride. Sure it weighs twice as much but I can go grocery shopping with it and I have great visibility of what is around me whether it is cars or beautiful scenery. My Public C7 ( I still do not have a good nick-name for my bike although the song White Light/White Heat by the Velvet Underground does come to mind when I see it) and I even did a little bit of off-roading.

View of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Looking out at the Boardwalk I can't help but think, "what is this thing doing here, it's big, it seems random and it is located in one of the most gorgeous places on earth. It is definitely is a relic from an different age, one where my grandparents would have played badminton on the beach and then gone dancing to live big band music in the evening. There is still a wooden roller-coaster- that works and mind you is a very good time.

There was a lot more to the weekend maybe I'll post pics. from it soon.

The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat

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