Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three Day Weekend

I/we have a three day weekend coming up and no plans.... I feel as though something is seriously wrong with that... really nothing at all. All of my great ideas for things to do involved being outside and it is supposed to rain over half of the state of California this weekend. I have considered driving to the other part of the state, really anywhere warm but with gasoline being at $4.50/gallon I think I should have more of a plan if I am going to drive that far.

Here are a few off the top of my head ideas for things to do:
1. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Geary Street Gallery visit
2. Matinee-I have been trying to see Hugo before it disappears from theaters or go to see the Hunger Games
3. Visit the Best Friend in S.F.-always wonderful
4. Go for a muddy, rain filled run in Henry Cowell State Park with Penny (the four legged wonder dog)
5. Scan old family slides and send edited pictures to my mom and uncles
6. Scan negatives and edit them from my trip to India
7. Paint tiny wall in by the office-boo! I know I must but in the rain with two animals errrr. I have been delaying this project pretty much since I convinced my husband how great it would be.
8. Paint for the pure love and joy of it-not a bad option.
9. Bake, bake, bake and then drop off tasty treats with friends
10. Drive up the coast and watch the storm roll in over the ocean, with a hot cup of coffee
11. Wes Anderson Movie Marathon!
12. Go to a Hockey game, (yes I admit it I am a fan, and I vote, have a dog, listen to Belle and Sebastian, wear clogs and all other sorts of other things that would not lead you to think I was a die hard hockey fan)

I know this all sounds nice, no? Ultimately this list is not a trip to Hawaii, Morocco, Sedona, or any of the other places I have been fantasizing about, but those are day dreams and my reality is really good.

 I was checking my camera settings when I took this but I think my enduring plant looks nice

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