Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dead Man's Bones Music Post

This post is in honor of my father who sends me mix cd's and texted me last night to say, "did you know Ryan Gosling sings my favorite song".  His favorite song I know well, because he played over and over for me, and it's good,  I really like it am happy every time my iTunes shuffle lands on it, but no I did not know Ryan Gosling had a band.  Well I decided to do a little youtube perusing and found a lot of their music online. Please don't be surprised if I re-post some of this  closer to Halloween if you watch the videos you'll see why.

Name in Stone by Dead Man's Bones, there is a bit of crowd noise in the beginning but that tapers off to a great song.

And now for my Dad's favorite song, My Bodies a Zombie For You, by Dead Man's Bones.

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