Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To Boot or Not To Boot

To Boot!

The Mia Bridgeport boot. 


March 16th, Follow Up

The boots arrived! I opened the box and put the right boot on, it fit perfectly, the height, heel, boot shaft circumference, all was was great. I took the next boot out and .... they had sent me two right boots--baaaah! So naturally I put that one on too just to see if it would also fit and you know what, it did, but I also realized that I would love it if the boot had an inside zipper instead of an outside zipper. I do like the outside zipper look but an inside zipper is a little classier and would have a longer shelf life.  Anyway I decided that I would still be happy with a replacement pair, even if they were not the most perfect boots in the world, but the company I bought them from were all sold out. I am to be completely refunded including shipping and get a $20 credit towards a future purchase so it's not terrible but I feel like I was so close--oh well the perfect boots are out there somewhere. If I don't find them I may just have to take up shoe design--you know my dream job.

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