Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cords & Boots: Essentials

For the past two years every Fall I buy a new pair of Gap skinny 1969 cords. They're great, and I manage to wear through them every year. This year I will again be getting a new pair in the charcoal color. I know, I love grey and I have just about worn the color out. Maybe I'll be brave enough to get the bright tomato red cords too. 

And on a frustrating puppy note, Penny adorable as she is tasted the sweet luxury of leather last week, much to M's and my dismay. First she found his iTouch, ate the leather case and in the process damaged the antenna. The next day she went into my closet and found, of course my favorite, most supple and expensive boots; which are not something that I can just find again on EBAY. Goodbye Hispanitas, studded, witchy, ankle boots that I have loved, loved, loved. I am seriously considering finding someone who can make them into booties for me, since Penny only ate the top of them off.  

So in lieu of wearing my favorite ankle boots this season I am hoping to get the Jeffrey Campbell East Village ankle boots, they have a low heal which I love and are the same warm brown as my poor Hispanitas. Although nothing can replace my chewed up boots these should fill the same niche in my wardrobe and I will from now on keep all of my shoes above puppy level. 

I am hoping that these will magically turn into birthday presents...hmmm.

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