Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Frye Carson Oxford Fairies Have Arrived

I am an avid consigner of clothes, shoes, purses ect. A new store opened this last year in town Twist, cute name. I brought them some items back in August and last week went in to see if I had sold anything. Of course I can not walk by a pair of nice shoes without stopping so before I got to the front counter I was trying on a pair of Frye Carson Oxfords which look a lot like the oxfords I had posted about in September, remember this . The only thing is, the Frye's are better, and black they were more expensive which is why I didn't have them in my Fall Wardrobe Essentials posting. At Twist they were mis-marked as a 7, which I am not but I tried them on anyway and was more than pleasantly surprised that they fit like a glove. They are now mine. I had sold all of my items on consignment and made more than the cost of the shoes. I love the heel and they are breaking in nicely. I swear whoever sold them had hardly even worn them.
picture courtesy of Vamp Shoes

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