Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall & Food

Fall means that it is cool enough to turn on my oven again and in the past week I have baked two apple pies (why just one when you always make someone happy by giving one away) scones, croissants, I also baked sweet potatoes, a chicken casserole and roasted potatoes. I have made soup twice now and tea every evening. Incidentally M. really appreciates the influence that Autumn has on me.

As for my apple pies, I was inspired by a strawberry rhubarb crisp I made this summer that used hazelnuts in the crumb topping. For the pies I made them dutch style with a crumb topping and added a couple drops of vanilla and semi-finely chopped pecans. It made for a very subtle but nice change to my traditional apple pie, I will definitely make this a keeper.

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